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Wiener’s Affordable Housing Propaganda

Wiener’s Affordable Housing Propaganda

Senator Wiener’s housing bill won’t boost affordable housing

Niccolo Caldararo

State Senator Scott Wiener makes a number of assertions about housing needs, and his own legislation (Senate Bill 827), to cure the lack of affordable housing with measures that have limited the rights of citizens to control the growth and type of growth their cities and towns might experience.

The logic here is that voters and property owners do not know how to handle democracy on the one hand or their own property environment on the other.

As a voter and a property owner I think Senator Wiener needs a lesson in civics.

His legislation puts the fate of our towns in the hands of developers and bureaucrats and constrains property owners from protecting the value of their investment by voting for local representatives and by passing legislation (sometimes by initiative or referendum).

He thinks we should not have property rights on the local level. He seems to think that people in Sacramento know what is best for us.

But, the past 60 years has seen a general reduction of local control of zoning by a number of Sacramento laws all driven by the idea that by giving free reign to developers we will have more affordable housing.

Yet this theory has failed.

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