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Voters want leaders to limit growth in Marin

Voters want leaders to limit growth in Marin

Marin IJ-Voice | Randy Warren | posted: 1/16/2015

In spite of spirited arguing on both sides of the housing density issue, Marin voters speak with a remarkably singular voice: limit growth or you will not win election here.

There is a saying in basketball that the “ball don’t lie.” In Marin, the ballot box does not lie either.

For two years we elected nearly every conservationist candidate opposed to Marin implementing Plan Bay Area’s housing politics.

At the same time, candidates closely associated with housing advocacy lost.

Highest-profile example: Damon Connolly’s stunning landslide over incumbent county supervisor Susan Adams, who promoted a Marinwood development with unpopular density.

In contrast, Connolly, as San Rafael councilman, voted to rescind the Civic Center Priority Development Area (PDA).

Historically, it is difficult to defeat an incumbent; so it was especially stunning that voters booted Adams out of office by a margin of 20 percent.

Another candidate rescinding that PDA, Kate Colin, easily won election to the San Rafael City Council. Also winning was Maribeth Bushey who went even further: The IJ reported her call to rescind both planned PDAs including downtown San Rafael. The two losing candidates included Greg Brockbank, one of the pro-development platform’s strongest advocates. (I also lost that election.)

Newcomer Jill Hoffman defeated incumbent Sausalito Councilman Jonathan Leone, following her declaration that she was no fan of the proposed Easterby Street high-density housing plan. In fact, Hoffman outpolled both incumbents, and joined conservationist Linda Pfeifer on the council.

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