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The City Starts Making Its Case in Grantville

The City Starts Making Its Case in Grantville

Voice of San Diego | Andrew Keatts | posted: 1/16/2015

San Diego’s effort to remake industrial Grantville into an urban village of apartments, stores and offices, is coming up against a familiar foe: traffic.

The years-in-the-making proposal is going forward after the city released late last month an environmental study that quantified just what building 8,000 new homes will mean for congestion in the area.

Turns out, it will mean traffic delays.

Grantville’s already home to a trolley stop, so the area is seen as ripe for inclusion in the city’s attempts to concentrate new housing construction close to public transportation.

But the city’s push to address its share of the region’s 300,000-some homes needed to accommodate expected population growth, according to the regional planning agency SANDAG’s long-term forecasts, has nonetheless been met by opposition from the areas asked to welcome new development.

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