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Regional government’s threat to local control

Regional government’s threat to local control

Marin IJ Readers’ Forum | Jack Friesen | posted: 1/2/2015

A large regional newspaper ran an editorial on Monday entitled “A need for regional thinking.”

Among the comments made in the editorial was the following: “Forceful steps are needed to knit together the Bay Area …”

Near the end of the editorial, a further comment concluded that “this dynamic produces strains and those tensions will only worsen without forceful actions.”

The tone of the editorial implies that San Francisco, the most dysfunctional city in the region, is the Big Apple of the West Coast and us ‘burb folks need to get our act together or forceful actions by the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission should be taken.

So much for “government by the people, etc.”

All of the local governments, cities and county, should take strong exception to this Big Brother kind of rhetoric.

It is likely that a majority of Marinites would rather have nothing to do with this “Sour Apple”.

— Jack Friesen, San Rafael

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