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Oppose Scott Wiener’s SB 827

Oppose Scott Wiener’s SB 827

Sharon Rushton of Sustainable TamAlmonte has issued a statement urging Marin residents to contact their elected representatives to oppose the new high density housing bill, SB827, proposed by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco). Here are excerpts from her comments.

If SB-827 passes, then minimum height limits of “Transit Rich” housing developments near “Major Transit Stops” and “Major Transit Corridors” could range from 45 to 85 feet depending on how close the project was to a station and whether it was located on a main road or side street.

We are writing to emphasize how detrimental the bill could be if it is signed into law. SB 827 would spare new housing developments from certain restrictions if they qualify as “transit-rich housing.” The initial version of the bill defines such housing as “parcels […] within a one-half mile radius of a major transit stop or a one-quarter mile radius of a high-quality transit corridor.'”