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What have elected representatives learned from 2014?

What have elected representatives learned from 2014?

Marin IJ-Voice | Frank Egger | posted: 1/14/2015

Marin voters sent shock waves throughout Marin in 2014 — Damon Connolly’s win in the 1st Supervisorial District, Jill Hoffman’s city council win in Sausalito, Larry Bragman’s Marin Municipal Water District election in the San Geronimo and Ross valleys and Toni Shroyer’s almost victory in the 5th Supervisorial District.

What should have been cakewalk elections for well-known, respected Marin elected officials went sideways in three of four elections.

Was this just a matter of voters fighting “city hall” or is there more to the story?

We live in what many refer to as paradise: wonderful, safe cities and towns with excellent educational opportunities, semi-rural, small communities with real home-town character.

It’s human nature, if you love something, to preserve it. A common thread throughout Marin, whether you live in a small apartment or large home, is “wanting to preserve” what we have here.

The so-called state mandates regarding housing and the Association of Bay Area Governments’ high-density housing requirements have had an impact.

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