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Marin Voice: A real test for debate over housing densities

Marin Voice: A real test for debate over housing densities

Marin IJ-Voice | Ron Arlas | posted: 2/14/2015

The apartments at the old WinCup site in Corte Madera are nearing completion. Once that happens, we will finally have the chance to determine which planning philosophy is more accurate in the real world.

For the 20 years that I was on the Larkspur City Council, there were constant battles between what I called the “social density agitators” and the “realists.” The social density agitators were constantly pushing the agenda of higher and higher density, elimination of parking spaces for occupants of new housing, more bike and pedestrian paths, etc.

The realists, which I consider myself, refused to buy into the fantasy that you can turn suburban Marin into high-density enclaves and in doing so, most if not all of the occupants would take public transit to work and walk or bike to do most of their everyday shopping, and their kids would either ride a bike or walk to school.

However, during my time on the council, the two opposing views clashed only in theory because Marin had no high-density, limited-parking housing.

Now that will change with the WinCup apartments coming on line very soon.

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