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How many bicyclists will ride across Richmond bridge?

How many bicyclists will ride across Richmond bridge?

Marin IJ | Dick Spotswood | posted: 2/17/2015

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Caltrans are determined to proceed with plans for a hugely expensive bike path on the upper deck of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. What they will not do until forced is authorize a “demand study.” That’s an analysis to determine the bikeway’s future usage.

Demand studies are the recognized methods to document any project’s cost-benefit ratio.

The Marin public does have some leverage to compel such an analysis. The Transportation Authority of Marin can force MTC’s hand.

TAM’s Board of Commissioners is composed of the five county supervisors and a representative from each of Marin’s 11 municipalities.

There is little evidence that any of the supervisors will ask a reluctant MTC to act. On the other hand, the city and town representatives are independent and sometimes feisty. They could spark TAM to demand MTC conduct a professional analysis to learn how many cyclists will actually use the windy 5.5-mile trans-San Pablo Bay bike path.

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