Citizen Marin


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is involved in Citizen Marin?
A: Citizen Marin is made up of people just like you, people who are waking up to over development in their neighborhood or community. We are men and women from a spectrum of ethnic, age, and political orientations who come from across the county and the 9-county Bay Area.

Q2: When do you meet?
A: Neighborhood and community group leaders meet the 2nd Thursday of the month from 7-9:30 pm in the Northgate Community Room, 2nd floor. Citizen Marin doesn’t take the lead on local issues, but helps connect you to people and groups who have faced similar problems.

Q3: What happens at a Citizen Marin meeting?
A: Everyone gets a few minutes to describe the challenges they face in their neighborhood or group. You get time for informal networking, discussion, and announcements. Citizen Marin occasionally hosts guest speakers on topics such as Plan Bay Area, the SMART train, water issues, or other topics of broad interest in the county.

Q4: Will Citizen Marin help solve the problem in my community?
A: Citizen Marin doesn’t take the lead on local issues, but helps connect you to people and groups who have faced similar problems. For issues in your city, visit the Networks link. For an excellent analysis of county-wide issues, visit Sustainable TamAlmonte.

Q5: How can I join?
A:Attend a Citizen Marin meeting. Individual representatives or groups pay an annual fee to join the network of Citizen Marin.

Q6: Can I support Citizen Marin without coming to monthly meetings?
A: Yes, YES, and YES!!! Go to the Donate page to make a tax-deductible contribution. Your donation helps get the word out to others, funds special events like the Citizen Marin Forums, and supports basic costs of communications, printing, and events.

Q7: Do you need volunteers?
A:Absolutely. Our first recommendation is that you volunteer in your own neighborhood or community group. See the Networks  page for a directory. In addition, we need volunteers with the following skills: strategic planning and organizing, writers, photographers, videographers, artists (graphic design, music, drama), fundraising, legislative analysis, social media, etc. If you have a passion you want to apply to preserving your neighborhood, community and/or representative democracy, fill our the form on the Contact Us page.

Q8: What’s happening in my community related to Citizen Marin?
A: Start by going to the Networks tab on the menu bar to find names of groups in Marin, the 9-county area and beyond. See if there is a group and contact information for your town.  If you don’t see your community listed, it may mean a group doesn’t exist or that a group doesn’t have a website. Starting a group often begins by talking to a few neighbors. To get linked to resources, attend a Citizen Marin meeting.

Q9: How can I get my group listed on the Resource Links page?
A: Use the Contact Us page to submit your request.

Q10: Does Citizen Marin endorse candidates?
A: No. We are dedicated to educating the public about issues and candidates, but we don’t make endorsements. We encourage people to get involved in local races, and we host events related to the issues candidates are discussing.