Citizen Marin

Call to Action

Follow the links for more information about resources.

  1. Learn about the Issues: Visit the website of your community. For county issues, visit Sustainable Tam/Almonte; for housing issues, visit CVP – Community Venture Partners; for transportation issues, visit Planning for Reality. For links to direct sources, visit Resource Links.
  2. Join or start a group: Contact a group in your community  or attend a Citizen Marin meeting. Get involved with your time and talent.
  3. Express Yourself: Send Emails, Write Letters, & Make Phone Calls to the Decision Makers.
  4. Attend Meetings: Show up, speak up, and support others at public meetings.
  5. Write for publication: Send Letters to the Editor and Opinion pieces.
  6. Post on Citizen Marin Facebook:  Send news to post to lpetersonschwarze (at )
  7. Spread the Word: Talk to family and friends, start conversations in the grocery store checkout line. Ask people if they know and care about the issues you know and care about. Invite them to join you at an upcoming meeting or event. Offer to drive.
  8. Volunteer: Share your skills with your community group, another civic group, or Citizen Marin.
  9. Donate: We generate success with generous donations to support the work.