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Citizen Marin is committed to restoring grass-roots democracy and local control in government decision-making to achieve a sustainable future that reflects the core values of Marin communities.

Citizen Marin Launches First Official Video

Citizen Marin launches its first official video - The Story of How Marin Was Ruined.  

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Our county and cities don't always seem to keep us in the loop when they want to develop Marin. Sign up for the Citizen Marin mailing list and we'll ensure that you're alerted whenever we hear that development is being considered for your area - so at least you can voice your opinion before it's too late. 

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Underpants Gnomes Set to Strike Marin with Trolleys

Did you think SMART was a ridiculous waste of money? Just wait until you hear about new thinking emerging to criss-cross Marin with a trolley system connecting new high density transit oriented developments making Marin's cities just like Berne, Switzerland. Want to hear the logic behind how it will reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions? - so did we, but it wasn't very forthcoming and based on huge leaps of faith.
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Recently the League of Women Voters published an article on Dispelling the Myths behind Affordable Housing. This new Patch article by Richard Hall from his series Planning for Reality highlights an important potential conflict of interest and assesses the facts and fiction behind affordable and high density housing in Marin. 

Read Affordable Housing - Dispelling the Dispelling >> 

Plan Bay Area Comment Letters

Plan Bay Area may have been 1,355 pages and allowed only 55 days to read, but it elicited many comment letters containing hundreds of pages of valid concerns that somehow must be addressed before an adoption vote as soon as July. If you only have a few minutes read the population forecast by Beacon Economics, national transportation expert Thomas Rubin's letter, and the comment letter from Bob Silvestri. (This is just a selection of many submitting letters of comment and concern).

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Remarkably just a handful of responses to seemingly highly selective comments have been posted on the One Bay Area site
One Bay Area Comment Responses >>

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