• Wake Up to threats of development plans for your community, loss of local control, and regional planning.
  • Learn the language of Plan Bay Area, the alphabet agencies like MTC and ABAG, and programs like TAM, PDAs, TODs.
  • Network with neighbors, leaders from Marin and beyond, and elected officials.


ABAG Delegates Come to Citizen Marin
April 9,2015 — ABAG leaders and delegates meet with Citizen Marin

(l-r) City delegates: Jessica Jackson, Mill Valley; Kevin Haroff, Larkspur; Renee Goddard, Fairfax; Pat Eklund, Novato elected by Marin’s mayors and city council members as rep to the 9-county ABAG committee; Brad Paul, Deputy Executive Director, ABAG; City delegates Catherine Way, Larkspur; Doug Kelly, San Anselmo.
The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) garners praise from some for providing shared regional services and criticism from others for stretching its authority to impose regional long-term plans on local communities.

Of concern is the integrated power of ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) expressed in Plan Bay Area. Plan Bay Area 2040 seeks to reduce green house gas emissions by building high-density housing near transportation, but many view it as a boon for developers without significant community benefit.

Watch the video for a lively exchange of information, issues and concerns about Plan Bay Area 2017.

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CITIZEN MARIN is a group of everyday citizens waking up to high-density growth, increased congestion, and far-reaching plans to urbanize Marin. We share a concern that long cherished practices of local control and fair and transparent government are eroding.

Citizen_Marin_Study_Session_crop_548x376We care deeply about small town character and the incredible beauty of Marin. We believe views and vistas should be preserved. We value environmental protections for our communities over planning to meet the financial interests of developers and investors. We strive to assure the infrastructure that supports schools, safety, and adequate water supply is sustainable.

CM-LAFCO-Panel-listening-1-smaller-IMAG0503-300x178We don’t live in a vacuum. We respect the value of regional and long-range planning, done with honest numbers, valid assumptions, and reliable processes that get to the heart of the matter, without manipulation to get to pre-determined outcomes.

In Citizen Marin we learn that what is happening in our community is happening everywhere. We are not alone. We help educate and engage others in this great process of representative democracy and the power of dedicated people to make a difference.